Music Technology

Remote teaching: Software basics

How to offer instrumental or vocal lessons online.

Making music online in real time

Want to perform or record remotely with other musicians, in real time? Bassist John J. Williamson offers a guide to the world of online real-time music (ORM) software.

Tido Music app ‘ Access Trinity’s Singing repertoire 2018-2021

An app containing all of the songs in the Trinity exam syllabus for Singing, enabling access to the sheet music, piano accompaniments and pronunciation guides.

Twinkl Tunes: Virtual Piano Game

Interactive piano game enabling teaching basic piano skills on a virtual piano.

Building an ensemble video

Robert Thompson, Teacher of Music and Music Technology at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form, Warwickshire, reports on how the department pulled together to make a viral video.

Teaching Music with iPads Training and Workshops

A training programme aimed at being able to teach music with iPads.

Play Trinity Rock and Pop App

An app allowing users to mix their own performances with the app’s professional session musicians using the practice app that allows users to to adjust pitch, tempo and each individual instrumental track from the mixing desk.

Technology in Music Education

Resources for teachers interested in music technology, including blogs, podcasts, news, videos and tutorials.

Composition using ipads and Apps Inspire Events

Resources regarding composition in the classroom using iPads and Apps.

Music Technology A-Level

An A-Level Music Tech course opening up a range of skills to students, suitable for anyone who has a keen interest in creating and recording music, and who wishes to deepen their understanding of popular music styles and developments in music tech.