What is #CanDoMusic?

The #CanDoMusic website builds on the #CandoMusic campaign and is run by the three national music subject associations: the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM), the Music Teachers’ Association (MTA) and the UK Association for Music Education – Music Mark.

Our mission is to share new ideas and resources that support schools’ delivery of meaningful music education. We hope that all those working to provide children and young people with a quality music education in and out of the classroom will join us in promoting in promoting our continued work.

Together we #CanDoMusic

#CanDoMusic has two strands:

  • Sharing inspiring stories and best practice from classroom teachers, school leaders and other music educators.

  • Signposting to existing practical resources that teachers might use to ensure music is part of the solution in every school. We use the social media hashtag #CanDoMusic to highlight both the sharing and signposting strands of our work. We celebrate and share all of our combined efforts to keep music at the heart of learning for all children and young people.

Get involved

Spread the word: Share stories or resources which highlight and celebrate music teaching in schools, using the hashtag #CanDoMusic.

Feature on CanDoMusic: If you have an inspiring story to tell and would like to write a guest blog please email.

Share your resources: To share freely accessible resources you would like to see featured on the site, please email.

Advocate for music in your school: Write to your school leaders to ensure that music education remains a key part of the curriculum, using this template letter