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Advocating for music in schools

In this free webinar, ISM Research Associate Dr Jodie Underhill and music educator Jenetta Hurst share their advice to help music teachers make the case for music in their schools and communities.

Primary Singing Toolkit

This free digital resource for primary music teachers from the ISM Trust and Voices Foundation aims to empower you to share the joy of singing with your students. Discover inspirational and practical singing strategies to enhance your music curriculum.

Safeguarding for musicians

Learn the fundamentals of safeguarding for musicians working with children. Find out about the legal background, examples of good safeguarding practice, how to access a criminal record check, and a guide to the ISM’s safeguarding requirements.

Royal Opera House’s Create & Sing programme

The Royal Opera House’s Create & Sing programme provides: a creative learning resource, created with teachers, providing songs for pupils in primary schools across England. classroom-based and digital activities, with strong curriculum links, to give better understanding of singing and opera for pupils, unlocking their imagination and creativity. teacher training,

The Scottish Strategy for Music Education from MEPG (2022)

This 2022 strategic plan is a refresh of MEPG’s 2020-25 strategy TACKLE inequity REALISE potential CHANGE perceptions.

National Plan for Music Education in Wales

On 17 May 2022, The Welsh Government release their National Plan for Music Education. Find out more about the plan in our collated list of resources

Ralph Vaughan Williams RVW150 Anniversary Resources for Music Teachers

A new programme, initiated and supported by’Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust’and produced by the’Music Teachers’ Association, has been set up to’provide resources for the teaching of various aspects of RVW’s work, from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 5.’We are beginning the release of these materials to coincide with

Play Trumpet with Kay

Video for beginners to sing or play along with on trumpet or clarinet using C D E F, aimed at beginners who can play a few notes and those without an instrument who can sing along or play percussion on pots and pans from the kitchen.

Building an ensemble video

Robert Thompson, Teacher of Music and Music Technology at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form, Warwickshire, reports on how the department pulled together to make a viral video.

Practical Progression film series

A film series made by music leaders and intended for music leaders from any setting as part of a peer-led professional development programme also called Practical Progression and aim to build on music leaders’ existing tool kit, whatever setting they are working in.

Voices Foundation Virtual Singing Assemblies

A collection of uplifting singing videos for primary teachers and pupils. In addition to these free assemblies, VF has launched #VFIntoMusic & #VFIntoChoral- videos that dive deeper into process of creating effective music lessons/rehearsals.

Tido Music app ‘ Access Trinity’s Singing repertoire 2018-2021

An app containing all of the songs in the Trinity exam syllabus for Singing, enabling access to the sheet music, piano accompaniments and pronunciation guides.

Twinkl Tunes: Virtual Piano Game

Interactive piano game enabling teaching basic piano skills on a virtual piano.

Home and School Online Resources

A wide range of home learning resources covering EYFS and Primary Teachers and Pupils, Secondary Teachers and Pupils, Parents and general Music Education Resources.