BBC Musical Storyland

Journey through Musical Storyland, where children’s favourite fairy tales and traditional folktales are re-imagined with magical music performed by musicians of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

Composing Music at Home (Children)

Set of composing activities for young people without access to a musical instrument. Inspirations include superheroes, nature, the zodiac, maps, lockdown, graphic scores and found objects. KS1 or 2.

Composing Music at Home (Instrumentalists)

Set of composing activities for young people with access to a musical instrument. Inspirations include code, bird song, clouds, constellations, skylines and stories. KS3 or instrumentalists.

Practical songwritten ideas and inspiring songs – Song Academy

5 tips and tricks to kickstart the songwriting process, plus a playlist of inspiring songs across different genres. Suitable for primary and secondary.

GCSE Music Composition Resource

Free digital resource providing creative inspiration for students tackling the composition module of the GCSE syllabus through exploring music by 6 NMC composers.

Free Blank Sheet Music

A series of blank notation to be downloaded and printed out.

London Sinfonietta Online Activities

London Sinfonietta has created an online offer for families, teachers and young people to listen, compose, and create new music. Become a composer or challenge your family and friends to a high score on our app, there’s something for everyone!

Listening Inspiration

Free resource aiming to help students find pieces to give inspiration and ideas for their own composing activities.

Online Composing Courses

Interactive online courses to help secondary level students and teachers with different aspects of composition, accessible from home or in the classroom.

Composition using ipads and Apps Inspire Events

Resources regarding composition in the classroom using iPads and Apps.

Listen Imagine Compose

Exploring how composing is taught and learned at KS3, KS4 and KS5.

Minute of Listening

Helps pupils develop their creative listening skills. This carefully curated collection of introduces children to a range of music and sounds.